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Tigers Eye Tumbled Extra Large

Tigers Eye Tumbled Extra Large

Tigers eye


The Tiger Eye stone comes with a glut of glorious healing properties and benefits that help to balance physical and emotional wellbeing. When you are looking for a boost of courage to help you overcome fear or take risks in your life, there’s no better crystal to turn to than a Tiger’s Eye crystal. It is highly motivational, and pushes you to move past any boundaries you have set for yourself. It has a grounding and protective energy. Tiger’s Eye placed on either side of the head energetically rebalances the brain’s hemispheres, and as this stone holds energy of the sun, may relieve seasonal affective disorder and depression.


Tiger’s Eye, with its golden color, is a natural birthstone of those born in the magical month of midsummer (July 22 – August 21). Gold crystals bring you success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power.






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