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Stichtite is believed to be a stone of rescue, recovery and forgiveness. The gemstone is thought to help heal unresolved issues and emotional issues by promoting feelings of love and compassion. It’s a stone that will also help you in your healing and strengthen your connection with your higher self. 

When you want to succeed in your financial life, you must be ready to exercise wisdom and good judgment as well. Stichtite will act as your guide stones. It’s a stone that will help you build up your morale, especially if you have a tough time connecting to people, or if you lack self-confidence. This stone will release your feelings of hesitation and shyness. It will make you realize that life is too short, and that you should go out there and make your best life happen. To benefit from Stichtite, keep it on your body for as long as you can every day. It will help you heal from many issues when you keep it close to your personal auric fields. It will positively influence you, the people around you, and the environment you’re in. Meditating with Stichtite will also bring you to a higher awareness of your own emotions. Stichtite is one such stone which is helpful in fighting depression as it contains anti-depression properties. It keeps the person in staying true while making the positive changes in their life. It promotes awareness and unity of the mind, body, and soul. it can be said that this stone helps in healing from emotional problems. It connects the heart of the person who wears it or carries it spiritually and that too extremely powerfully. Stichtite is extremely helpful in fighting depression, anger, disappointment, illness or trauma and encourages you to get rid of feelings of separation, isolation, and loneliness. With the possession of this stone, you will be able to live your life to the fullest and that too without any expectations. 








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