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It’s a very spiritual stone that is closely connected with psychic information and clarity. It also has strong protective powers that can guard you against physical or psychic harm. Wherever you put this stone, it will create a peaceful and loving environment. It will bring balance and harmony into your life. It will also positively influence everyone who comes and goes in that space. It will ensure the proper flow of energies carrying love and affection in your home, and energies of camaraderie and harmony in your workplace. It is the stone of forgiveness, peace, and the strengthening of emotional bonds. It encourages compassion, and helps us recover our natural spontaneity. It can also be beneficial to you when you need to remember and comprehend large amounts of information in a short amount of time. If you feel like there’s something holding you or your partner back, try using this stone. It will calm your mind and remove anything that’s unwanted in your heart. It will remove feelings of restlessness and confusion. It will calm your feelings of being lost and alone. Shattuckite will fill you with feelings of love, warmth, and belongingness. As a stone of truth Shattuckite can help connect you to your hidden, inner realms. It is a protective stone and can be used to remove energetic blockages from the past. Shattuckite can help to redirect energy into more useful patterns, and assist you in letting go of unproductive ways. Shattuckite can sharpen your intuition and boost your concentration. It can give you a clear understanding of things, and it can help your mental and intuitive abilities to work together harmoniously. 







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