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Scapolite has positive feeding energies that will not leave you feeling drained or exhausted. It's a powerful stone that will provide psychic protection. It will increase your psychic awareness, and telepathic abilities. Scapolite is a useful stone for conscious journeys through your dreams and the astral plane. It can assist you in connecting more easily with the sources of higher guidance, including angels, spirit guides and your own higher self consciousness. Scapolite stimulates your will and your ability to take action in the world. It will unlock your consciousness so that you can receive higher guidance. Scapolite will calm you down and help you become more rational during stressful times. This stone will make sure that you are mentally balanced.It’s also an excellent meditation stone because it will get rid of unnecessary thoughts and worries. It will instantly raise your vibrations and your focus. This stone will allow you to see the bigger picture. It will teach you that not everything is what it seems. It enhances your ability to find and assume your power and will also reveal how your beliefs and behaviours are preventing you from feeling empowered. More often than not, you need to delve deeper into the issue to truly understand what you’re dealing with. This stone prevents you sabotaging your own efforts to break free of bad habits and then blaming others or circumstances. It assists in you in taking responsibility for your life and actions. It brings a calm response to any challenge, removes irritability and encourages a balanced reaction to apparent injustices.

Scapolite can be used to counter all manner of stress related illnesses and imbalances. It is especially useful for ulcers and digestive upsets caused by stress. This stone is useful for stabilising your mental state and helping to regulate brain biochemistry.



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