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Red Jasper Pillow/Palm Stone

Red Jasper Pillow/Palm Stone

Red Jasper


Jasper sustains and supports you during times of crisis. It brings wholeness and reminds people to help and care for each other. It also aligns all the Chakras, being a good balancing and regulating stone, ensuring no feminine or masculine energy dominance.  Jasper encourages dream recall and can be used for shamanic journeys to ensure that you return safely to your body when your journey is done. The color red is associated with luck in the east and vitality in the west. It is an excellent stone to have nearby if you are contemplating doing anything risky. It’s a stone that is deeply connected to the roots, meaning that it tethers you to the earth beneath your feet, giving you the strength to stand strong as you renew and revitalize your soul. This is a stone that brings to light your inner power which is why it’s such a good choice for those with challenges to face. If you tend to feel lost, low on energy, in a negative bind with your own relationship to sex and passion, then this could be the stone you need to carve out a new lease of life. In addition, it is believed to support circulation, digestion and the reproductive organs.











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