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Miriam (Calligraphy) Jasper

Miriam (Calligraphy) Jasper

Miriam (Calligraphy) Jasper


Excellent choice of stone if you are going through depression and cannot seem to find any light in life because this stone has the power to bring great happiness in your life. Use this powerful stone if you are unable to move past trauma or shock you have experienced in the past as Calligraphy Stone has the ability to help you move on from the past with the lessons you have learned.


By possessing Calligraphy Stone, you can ensure that its calm vibrations keep you composed and peaceful during distressing situations. You can even use Calligraphy Stone to make yourself a more disciplined and mature person as this stone has the ability to stimulate self-discipline.

Also, if you easily get intimidated or frightened by people or dangerous situations, using Calligraphy Stone can gradually make you a very bold and courageous person.



Third eye


Solar plexus




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