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Healerite      $2.50 gram


Healerite is a newly found crystal with an amazing gentle vibration. It is a powerful healing stone and can heal on a cellular level. Healerite instill hope and provides a sense of faith in all things. It brings forth self-love and allows one to look at themselves with acceptance and complete compassion. Healerite can bring you feelings of expansiveness, connection, unity, and joy. Healerite can help increase your inner energy and vitality, balance your emotions, and calm frayed nerves. Healerite can help you acquire a balanced perspective and an appreciation for the natural rhythms of life. It supports one emotionally so that one becomes emotionally balanced and views life with a heart centre awareness, it helps one to “see” the lessons of past life experiences, so that one can move forward acting according to one’s will and for one’s highest good. This stone resonates to the higher dimensional frequencies of love and healing and also with Nature’s Spirits to aid one in connecting to Mother Earth and helping to heal her. It seems to dispel negative emotions and brings a vibration of love and healing to one's being. It is a stone of optimism. One can feel years younger when the subtle matter-energy of Healerite fully permeates ones being. 




Solar Plexus




    2.5 Grams
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