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Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz


The word elestial means 'crystal of the angels', which means this crystal has a strong connection to the angelic realm. It holds energies of angels and higher beings from other dimensions, and using this crystal will also bring you their love, wisdom, and love. Elestial Quartz can help you manifest all that you desire, which means it can help you attract wealth and abundance if these things are what you desire. The gemstone gets rid of such negative attributes as hatred, jealousy, personal grudge, or anger. It will remove all the resentment you had in the past and helps build the best relationships. It will remove anything that is destructive to your relationships. 


It’s okay to feel a little scared or apprehensive, but the healing energies of this crystal will assuage your fears and calm the anxieties in your heart. These high crystal energy stones are master healers that will assist healing on a deeper soul and karmic level.They are an amazing catalyst for change and are powerful when kept in the room with you. 


You will have more confidence in yourself, and you will know what you need to do to overcome your difficulties. You will be fueled to take action, and you will be inspired to do better.

It will detoxify your heart so that you will have more room to let love and happiness in. It will heal you of your past hurts and anger. You will feel that you are one with your inner instincts.When you feel this strong connection yourself, you will be able to focus on the higher dimension as well and allow its messages to guide you through life and towards spiritual enlightenment.



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