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Apophyllite is a crystal that awakens the mind to the beauty and magic of this world; it shows us the value in restoring our sense of wonder and allowing yourself to marvel at the simplest of things. Temporarily suspending our beliefs, perceptions, even our rationality, creates a clean slate. Their resonance aids you to release negative energy, aiding you to be happier, calmer and more at peace. They can be used in meditation, or for crystal gazing or scrying, and may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety. In the physical sense, Apophyllite ensures that the memory is sharp as a tack. Sometimes when we are overtaken by feelings of fear, anxiety, and the cobwebs of worry we aren’t able to hone our focus as much as we would like. As a stone of natural healing, Apophyllite relieves physical issues associated with stress by dramatically reducing the stress factor altogether. As your inner being starts to fully resonate with this highly spiritual vibration, allow yourself to gently move upwards on the path to the higher realms. Apophyllite is associated with both the element of wind, but also has an interesting relationship with water energies. Apophyllite contains water, and this may be why it is thought to have powerful cleaning properties and is highly sought by healers. It is especially popular for use during Reiki sessions, as it is thought to allow for the transfer of energy and removal of blockages. 

For beginners who have just started working with crystals, we recommend placing grounding stones around your piece of Apophyllite. The energies can sometimes feel too strong and overwhelm practitioners who have not experienced a very high vibrational stone before. 







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